Visa Cost For Travelers Visiting Egypt More Than Doubles

Visa Cost For Travelers Visiting Egypt

Visa Cost For Travelers Visiting Egypt More Than Doubles

The price of a tourist visa for those visiting Egypt has increased from $25 USD to $60 USD, according to media reports that cite authorities within the Foreign Ministry.  Visitors seeking a multiple entry visa will now have to pay $70 USD, up from $35.  At the time of posting, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not yet updated the price information on the tourist visas.

This is a pretty significant increase and doesn’t seem like a good way to drive tourists to the country.  The country was left reeling after revolutions during the Arab Spring that left many people thinking the country was unsafe to visit.  Then in 2015, a Russian plane was shot down over the country by Islamic State-affiliated militants.  That only further dissuaded people from wanting to visit the country.

The Egyptian economy is very reliant on tourism for its economy.  At its peak in 2010, 12% of the employed population worked within the tourism industry.  If Egypt wants to draw people to the country, it should not start by increasing visa fees on tourists, particularly European and American tourists, who are already hesistant to visit the country.

I will say that when I was there in 2015, I felt very safe and it was an absolutely terrific place to visit.  Everywhere we went, people tried to convince us to tell of our friends to come visit too because their economy was reeling from the lack of tourism.  We met a great many people who would shout to us, “We love American dollars” and “Tell your friends to bring U.S. dollars.”  The economy is heavy reliant on such tourism, and the government just doesn’t seem to be doing itself any favors by increasing the visa fee.  It really is a shame.


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