Heartbreaking Video Captures Fallen Green Beret’s Homecoming At Raleigh Airport

Fallen Green Beret's Homecoming

Heartbreaking Video Captures Fallen Green Beret’s Homecoming At Raleigh Airport

There are some stories that really just capture you, and this is one of them.  The sacrifice that men and women make to keep this country free and safe is truly an amazing one.  A green beret gave his life for the sake of all of us, so that we can live in a free and prosperous nation.  That sacrifice now leaves a wife without her husband and children without their father.  It’s a heartbreaking thing, but this video captures the true cost of freedom.

ABC6 Action News Reported:

When Lisa Williams’ plane arrived at Raleigh-Durham Airport, passengers were asked to wait to let someone off the plane first.

When she looked out the window, there were several soldiers unloading a flag-draped coffin from the cargo hold. For minutes, the plane remained silent, aside from the sniffles coming from the passengers.

A woman walked over and placed her hand on the casket to say her final goodbyes, and others — presumably family members — joined her.

Then, seven Green Beret soldiers dressed in full uniform carried the casket off the plane and loaded it into a black hearse, paying their respects as they marched away.

Lisa William posted the entire video on her Facebook page.  You can barely hear a pin drop on the airplane.  In the rush of traveling, where people usually clamor to be the first one off the plane, the entire plane stood nearly quiet and seated while the soldier was being taken off of the plane.  Our thoughts and prayers to the family during this incredibly difficult time.  This truly is the kind of sacrifice we can do very little to ever repay for it, but we should all give our thanks for the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom.  It’s moments like this where we truly are reminded of the greatness of this country.

Courtesy: Lisa West Williams

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