Get a Free Entree From Panda Express Promo

Panda Express

Panda Express is offering a great way to get a free entree by using their online ordering tool.

This past weekend I used a code that I had gotten from the last time I went to Panda Express, a fast food Chinese chain.

This is actually a really good deal that they have going.  In order to get your free entree, follow the steps below:

1.  Visit

2.  Pick a side item like rice or egg rolls.

3.  Choose an entree (small) from the entree menu.

4.  Go to the checkout screen and

5.  In the Promo Code line type “NoLine” (without the quotations).

That code will take away the price of the a la carte entree that you placed in the cart.  You are required to buy something, so I bought the rice, as it is the cheapest item you can really buy from the menu.

With the price and the taxes that I paid, my total was $2.75.  I was able to skip the long line when I arrived at the store and just go to the pick-up line.  I did have to wait for the order, as I assume they weren’t paying attention to online orders since their in-store line was so long.  That being said, I received a free drink for the wait.

This is really a great way to get a cheap meal if you have a Panda Express around!  The food is not all that bed and you can’t really go wrong with paying less than $3.00 for a Chinese meal.  The small entree that is free has more food than I thought it was and I was full after finishing it.

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