Review: The Wayne County Fair (Honesdale, PA)

IMG_5616Last week I posted a review of Honesdale, Pennsylvania, the birthplace of America’s railroad. Well, last Friday I went to the annual Wayne County Fair, the same fair that I had mentioned in my review.

Coincidentally, last Friday also marked the 185th anniversary of the Stourbridge Lion locomotive running for the first time. The Historical Society and Museum in Honesdale offered free admission on Friday and provided refreshments for patrons who visited the museum on the 185th anniversary date.

This year a little boy from Wilkes-Barre named Noah Ritter, 5, made headline news across the country after giving an interview at the fair (video at the end). Also, The News Eagle is reporting that the Wayne County Fair had over 13,000 visitors this year, a record turnout rate.

Information about the fair, including some pictures, can be found below:


Admission to the fair was $8.00 per person. Children under 24 months have free admission.The admission fee included parking, rides, small shows and most grandstand shows.


The food at the fair was inexpensive. Especially for a fair. I paid $4.50 for nachos that were HUGE in size. No alcohol is served at the fair. nor can you bring alcohol into the fair or consume it.

  • Lamb Gyro ($6.50)
  • Cheese Nachos ($4.50)
  • Cotton Candy ($2.00)
  • Dairy Ice-Cream, made by local farmers ($3.00)
  • Foot long hot dogs ($4.00)
  • Pizza ($2.00/slice)
  • And much more!


There are many local shops present at the fair. You can get jewelery, artisan crafts and small gifts and decorations. You can also buy a tractor if your heart desires. Some organizations were present as well, like the Democratic party, the Republican party, and other non-profit organizations that do business in the area.


  • Ferris Wheel
  • Marry-Go-Round
  • Miniature roller coaster
  • Bumper cars
  • Musik Express
  • And much more!

Games with prizes are also available throughout the fair grounds.


Below are some of the shows that were available this year. (Some for an additional fee)

  • Craig Campbell & Eric Paslay ($20.00-25.00)
  • Horse Pulling Contest (Free)
  • Demolition Derby (Free)
  • Farm Tractor Pull (Free)
  • Black Cat Hell Drivers (Free)
  • Woodsmen’s Competition (Free)
  • Harness Racing (Free)
  • Kid’s Pedal Pull (Free)
Fair entrance
Where the winning livestock is auctioned.
Pig race
Free live concert

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