Marriott App Update Expands Mobile Key Service


Marriott App Update Expands Mobile Key Service

Marriott is putting out a new update for its app this month that will significantly expand the amount of hotels where you can use Mobile Key to get into your hotel room.  Mobile Key is currently available at 25 locations, but with the new update, it will be available at 500 of its global locations.  The feature is incredible convenient and allows people to check-in on their phone and then go straight to their room once they arrive at the hotel.

Earlier in 2015, Marriott added a Mobile Requests feature, which will allows loyalty members to message hotel staff before, during, and after their stay.  This feature will be now be available at more than 4,000 Marriott locations around the world with the new update.

It’s the little things that matter and it’s always great to see when brands expand the ease with which people can travel!


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