MH370 Crash Update: More stolen passports, final destinations in Europe and new questions arise

New information has surfaced on the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines flight. Government officials are drawing a connection between the stolen passports used aboard the plane and the mysterious disappearance of the plane. The United States has sent in a team of FBI agents to help in the investigation to determine the cause of the disappearance which led to the crash of flight MH370.

The Vietnamese NAVY has spotted some debris from the Boeing 777-200 plane, which is one of the safest and most technologically advanced planes in the commercial market. Radar information also suggests that the plane made an attempt to return to Malaysia after radar history shows it made a U-turn. The question that arises is, did the plane crash? or did it disintegrate while cruising? The United States has also sent a team from the National Transportation Safety Board to investigate the cause of the incident and come up with a report on preventing this from occurring in the future.

Meanwhile, Interpol has raised the possibility that more passports may have been stolen and used to board flight MH370 which was en route to Beijing, China. The agency said that Vietnam did not check their passport database when allowing the two individuals to exit the country. Interpol is working with the Malaysian government and international Foreign Ministries to see what passports have been stolen and used. A new report shows that the two passengers who are confirmed to have used stolen passports that belonged to Italian and Austrian citizens, bought their ticket together from China Southern Airlines. The stolen Italian’s ticket began from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, then to Amsterdam and then to Copenhagen. The Austrian’s passport went from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing to Amsterdam and then to Frankfurt.

The question remains if this was a terrorist attack gone wrong. Was the intent larger here? Or did they fail to successfully fly a B777-200? Questions remain but we will continue to update our news coverage as information is made available.

Courtesy of themalaymailonline.com
Courtesy of themalaymailonline.com

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