Here’s Your Chance to Go to Australia for Cheap on AA for $600 from the U.S

Australia for Cheap

Here’s Your Chance to Go to Australia for Cheap on AA for $600 from the U.S

There are some absolutely great fares available from both the East and West Coasts of the United States, starting in the $600s with wide availability through June of this year.  This is a pretty good deal, particularly for West Coast flights, which usually are no less then $1,500 (on a good day) and typically much more.  It’s a great way to get to Australia for cheap!  This is certainly an opportunity to travel to Australia if you’ve been wanting to do it but haven’t wanted to pay the cost.  It’s also important to note that the flights are on American Airlines.

Secret Flying pointed out some of the dates for numerous East and West Coast cities, which you can find here.

I did a search on Google flights from Washington, D.C. and was able to find that most flights between now and June 15, 2017 are going for about $765, which is a pretty good deal.  That will give you over 19,000 EQM.  The availability on Google flights is wide open as of the time at posting, and even includes Memorial Day weekend.

Bottom line: this is really a tremendous opportunity to get to Australia for cheap, particularly for us East Cost people who are always feeling down about the high cost of traversing the country and then the Pacific!  If you’ve been wanting to go to Australia, this may just be your chance to do it for cheap!

If you make your way there, be sure to check out our trip report for Sydney on the best sights, eats, and other attractions!

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