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Where You Should NOT Stow your Carry-On Luggage

Earlier today I was on a flight from Chicago, IL to Shanghai, China on American Airlines aboard a B777-200. Upon sitting in my seat and getting comfortable I noticed that the Chinese family to my right was stowing their carry-on luggage behind their seat. Literally, behind their seat! There was more than enough overhead bin space for them to stow their baggage but as you can see by the picture below, they preferred to put it between the their seat and a ‘wall’ on the plane. The luggage went from the isle next to me to the isle on the other side of the plane, essentially their entire row had bags behind it.

photo 3 photo 2

We went the entire flight without the flight attendants noticing (or saying anything) about their bags. In my opinion, I think the airlines should do a better job at checking for bags that are improperly stowed. Fortunately, we did not hit any crazy turbulence that would have caused the bags to move and hit someone nearby (aka me).

Recently, I have also noticed passengers placing hand-bags under the seat in front of them when they are sitting in an emergency exit row (another don’t do).  My biggest pet-peeve in regards to carry-on luggage is when passengers bring aboard more than one carry-on luggage (not hand-bag) and take up space in the overhead bins, or those whose carry-on should really be a checked bag due to its oversize.

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