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Hilton Staff Will Call Security If Do Not Disturb Sign Is On Over 24 Hours

Do Not Disturb Sign

Hilton Staff Will Call Security If Do Not Disturb Sign Is On Over 24 Hours

It was reported last week that some Disney hotel properties were going to get rid of do not disturb signs in a supposed effort to increase security.  It seems like Disney may not be the last to follow this particular policy.  Hilton has announced that Hilton staff will call security if Do Not Disturb sign is on over 24 hours.

Though Hilton did not allude to it, it seems to be in response to an an effort in the hotel industry to enhance security and in a clear connection to the shooting that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2017 when a gunman held himself up in his Mandalay Bay hotel room and took to kill dozens of people by shooting down on a concert venue from his hotel room.

According to Hotel Management:

In today’s announcement, Hilton spokesman Nigel Glennie refused to link the new policy change to the shooting at Mandalay Bay. Despite this, Hilton isn’t the only company taking a look at Do Not Disturb signage. Four Walt Disney World hotels in Orlando—the Polynesian Village Resort, the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, the Contemporary Resort and the adjoining Bay Lake Tower—are playing with the language on the signs, changing them to display “Room Occupied.”

Housekeepers will be allowed to enter doors labeled “Room Occupied” even if the sign is on the door, but must first knock and identify themselves. Disney has notified guests ahead of arrival to avoid surprising them with the change. Like Hilton, Disney also denies the shooting is Las Vegas is part of its decision.

Disney’s new system may strike a chord with guests, but Wynn Resorts is also not taking any chances. The company now has employees investigate any Do Not Disturb signs in place for more than 12 consecutive hours.

It is odd the companies seem hesitant to equate this to a security measure.  It seems coincidental that hotels examination of their policies as it relates to this topic comes shortly after the tragedy in Las Vegas.  However, there could also be an aspect of it that could improve their efficiency in room cleaning by taking care of more rooms all at one time and not having to come back later to rooms with signs on the door.

While security is important, I am not entirely sure it’s accommodating to have to deal with, particularly for those companies looking at reporting such activity from a period of 12 to 24 hours.  I think it is entirely reasonable that somebody would have a Do Not Disturb sign on their door for a day if they are on vacation, sleeping in, and just don’t want to deal with the hassle of room cleaning.

It also seems unaccomadating to put people in a position where their door will be knocked on by housekeeping to get service when they truly may not want to be disturbed.  For example, in my stay at a hotel last week, the housekeepers began their service as 7:00 a.m. and knocked on my door at that time.  It seems hugely inconvenient to not have any way of avoiding that 7:00 a.m. wakeup call if somebody is in fact on vacation and just trying to relax.

Perhaps a solution there is for hotels to allow for customers to offer a suggested cleaning time within a certain time range set by the hotel.  That way these policies can remain in place, but they also take into account the convenience of the customer.


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