Movie Being Made About Flight MH370

Movie Being Made About MH370An Indian film director, Rupesh Paul, is making a movie based on the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. The movie will be called “The Vanishing Act” and the director has already released a 90 second trailer (found below) of the upcoming movie. The trailer took six days to film and edit and the entire screenplay took about 20 days to write.

Paul estimates the budget for the movie to be about $3.5 million US Dollars.

When asked if he thought others would find this movie insensitive, especially the family members of the victims, Mr. Paul responded saying “I doesn’t think the families of the missing plane would find his film insensitive…I will make sure no passengers will be hurt because of this.”

The movie was pitched at the Cannes Film Festival in France. Despite the tag line on the movies banner at the festival reading “The untold story of the vanished Malaysian flight”, Mr. Paul reiterated that the movie only depicts what he believes occurred to the flight and that it is not based on conclusive facts.

The trailer depicts the wrong model airplane, the MH370 flight was operated by a Boeing 777, the trailer mostly shows a Boeing 747 plane and even that is not constantly being used in the trailer.

What are your thoughts? Is it too soon to make money (a movie) off of such a tragedy?

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