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New App Helps Hotel Guests Find Companions While Traveling

New App Helps Hotel GuestsA new app helps hotel guests find companions while on the road.  Is it a good idea?

HelloTel, a new app, helps travelers find companionship while on the road by helping you find people at the hotel that you are staying at.

Check out the advertisement for the new app below:

The creators of this app are referring to it as “The Travelers Social Network.”  The app works by having the traveler check in to the hotel on the app.  They choose an option of whether they are there for “business” or “socializing.”  After that, the app will find social activities and people in the area.  The user then has the option to message people privately or post messages to a board.

The person sets up a profile or they can link their online profile directly to their LinkedIn or Facebook profile.  The app also has a blocking feature, which allows people to block others from seeing their location and sending messages.

The purpose of this app is to connect people while traveling, which some people say will help build companionship and assist with networking.  Although, on face value this seems like an app that could lead to other purposes.  The app has the potential to really serve as a good way to connect with people while on the road, but I also see a huge possibility of the app turning into something it isn’t intended to be.  It wouldn’t surprise me if it became a sort of dating or hookup app, which do already exist, even one that specifically targets travelers.

Will you try out this app?  While traveling, would you want to meetup with other travelers in the area?

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