T-Mobile ONE… why we switched from AT&T after 16 years.

T-Mobile ONE… why we switched from AT&T after 16 years.

I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a 25 year old who is still on his parents family plan. Free cell phone plan? Yes please! Oh, and by the way, I have not been asked or paid by T-Mobile to make this post.

I still remember being forced to go to AT&T back in August 2000 because my parents wanted to sign up for cell service. They ended up with some Motorola or Nokia type of phone that was rather large in size compared to phones nowadays (though some are getting bigger but thinner). Anyway, since August 2000 my parents have been loyal customers of AT&T, Bellsouth, Cingular, you name it. Once I turned 16 (nearly ten years ago), I was added to their plan and got my first Blackberry. We’ve always enjoyed AT&T, reception, especially in Miami, was always reliable and the speeds were usually better than the competitors.

However, after 16 years and thousands of dollars spent on AT&T, I was able to convince my parents to switch to T-Mobile. I will say, they were more sold on it than I was and I was the one trying to convince them. I know T-Mobile is considered to be inferior to AT&T and Verizon, but the reality is, that it is more comparable than not. T-Mobile’s LTE is thought to be faster than AT&T’s and according to T-Mobile, they cover 99.7% of Verizon customers.

T-Mobile ONE

Earlier this month, T-Mobile announced their new plan, T-Mobile ONE. T-Mobile ONE offers unlimited 4G LTE, text, and talk, unlimited steaming of music and video, unlimited text and data in 140+ countries, unlimited hot-spot (tethering, including abroad), and 1hr free of GOGO in-flight internet plus unlimited inflight text, messaging (what’s app, fb messenger, imessage, groupme, etc…).


The plan is really only worth it if you have a family plan because it makes it even cheaper. For example, if you add four (4) lines it would be about $40 a line ($35/line if you sign up for autopay).

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I’ve noticed no difference in reliability or speed between AT&T and T-Mobile. I even went on a road-trip this past weekend through Pennsylvania and only lost reception twice (each for less than 5 minutes) through small isolated highway spots.


Aside from having unlimited EVERYTHING, which I don’t think I’ve had since the release of the iPhone 4, I really really really like the unlimited free data abroad. Earlier this month my friends and I went to Costa Rica and my friend who had T-Mobile used his phone nearly everywhere. In fact, thanks to him we were able to Uber around all of San Jose.

T-mobile Tuesday. Every Tuesday T-Mobile gives their customers either free shit or highly discounted deals. Last week I was given $15 off of a Lyft ride, free snack-size wings from Buffalo Wild Wings, and some other nonsense. This week, I got $15 off a Lyft ride, 25% off and free shipping from, free digital subscription to WIRED, and a free small frosty from Wendy’s.

AT&T v. T-Mobile ONE

I’ll reveal our plan and how much we pay (or paid) for our cell phone plan.

AT&T: 15GB shared data, 4 lines, unlimited text and talk. 2 lines with AT&T NEXT. Monthly price: $290-$310 (including taxes & fees). Sometimes more if we went over our monthly data allowance.

T-Mobile ONE: 5 lines, unlimited everything, 2 lines with phone financing. Monthly price: $230 (including taxes & fees). For unlimited everything (including abroad) and an extra line, we still end up paying significantly less every month over AT&T.

Switching Over

T-Mobile may offer you a bill credit or a VISA rewards card for switching over depending on your credit. This is to help cover the cost of Early Termination Fees (for breaking a contract) and to swap out a financed phone on a different carrier for a T-Mobile financed phone.

Read more about T-Mobile ONE

Check T-Mobile’s coverage in your area

P.S. I have not proof-read, so yes, there may be typos or grammatical errors. Or, just nonsense. Deal with it. 🙂

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7 Comments on T-Mobile ONE… why we switched from AT&T after 16 years.

  1. You sound like a Sale out!! Who T-Mobile pay you to offer there cheap tmobile Tuesday crappy giveaways.

    • Like I said in my post, no. I wasn’t offered or even asked to post about it. But I really do enjoy their services so far in comparison with AT&T.

    • A sale-out?? You mean a sell-out? LOL he doesn’t owe AT&T anything and he was obviously smart to get a better bang for his buck with T-Mobile.

  2. Lisa - Always a loyal customer // September 28, 2016 at 5:46 pm //

    Bravo. You’ve pretty much nailed why we switched in 2013 too. I think we were on AT&T too back then. We’ve referred a number of friends and family too. We always tell everyone they should be on T-Mobile even though we don’t pursue the referral reward. Don’t forget that we have been given 1 stock of the organization for free too!

  3. I agree. T-Mobile has been the best switch I’ve done so far and I’m not being paid off lol

  4. I would switch over if my friends that have been T-Mobile customers for a couple years could get a good deal but they have tried and tried to get that $25 phone offer and they’ve been denied twice and they always pay their bills on time they’re good people they’re on a limited income and if they can’t get the deals that are offered then why should I switch over?

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