TSA Finds Live Grenade in Carry On in San Diego

TSA Finds Live Grenade

Courtesy: TSA

TSA Finds Live Grenade in Carry On in San Diego

The TSA announced on its blog Friday that over the past week, it confiscated 69 firearms and a flashbang grenade from airport checkpoints across the country.  Specifically, the flashbang grenade was found in someone’s carry on luggage at San Diego International Airport (SAN).

It’s important to note that while flashbangs are against TSA regulations to be brought on carry on luggage,  they are considered a non-lethal explosive device.  Their purpose, when used, is to disorient people.

However, the TSA also found a number of grenades in carry ons.  Thankfully, those grenades were inert, meaning they were not explosive when the TSA confiscated them.  That being said, TSA regulations prohibit live, inert, or items that resemble grenades from being brought on in a carry on bag.

The TSA also found 69 firearms in carry on luggage at airports across the country, with 58 of them being loaded and 16 of them chambered.

The TSA reminds people that these occurrences of confiscating prohibited items are frequent.  They urge passengers:

Unfortunately these sorts of occurrences are all too frequent which is why we talk about these finds. Sure, it’s great to share the things that our officers are finding, but at the same time, each time we find a dangerous item, the line is slowed down and a passenger that likely had no ill intent ends up with a citation or in some cases is even arrested. This is a friendly reminder to please leave these items at home. Just because we find a prohibited item on an individual does not mean they had bad intentions; that’s for the law enforcement officer to decide. In many cases, people simply forgot they had these items.

So that’s the roundup this week of the TSA’s confiscation of prohibited items!

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