Up In The Air (2009) – Review & Trailer

I know this post is a little cliché but Up In The Air is the movie that started it all, for me anyway. I remember watching this movie in the living room of my best friends house in 2010. When I got to my house that same night I went online to and applied for two credit cards, the Gold Delta Skymiles card and the Hilton HHonors card, about a week later I was earning points and miles like a madman. I really suggest everyone to watch this movie when they get a chance.

Since then, I’ve ditched Delta as my exclusive airline of choice but have earned over a million miles and points since watching this movie. There is something about loyalty that brings about excitement and makes flying and traveling better and more bearable. There is no better feeling than earning miles from traveling and getting rewarded by elite status perks. Thanks to frequent flyer programs, I’ve booked flights to Canada, Argentina, Peru and other places for free (excluding taxes & fees), I also can’t remember the last time that I actually flew coach. Earlier this year I switched to American Airlines and have enjoyed their service thus far, as far as hotels go, I’m still loyal to Hilton.

The movie is about Ryan Bingham, who is a downsizing expert, traveling across the country to fire employees of various companies. He is an elite member of American Airlines, Hilton, Hertz and various other programs. He is later accompanied by Natalie Keener who is trying to move the company in a new direction which would stop Ryan from flying. In the beginning of the movie Ryan meets Alex Goran, an executive businesswoman who travels just as much as he does and eventually falls in love with her. Ryan is eventually heartbroken when he finds out that Alex has a family of her own and their relationship on the road is just fun and games with no substance.

Are you a frequent flyer? Have you watched Up In The Air? Share with us how you got involved in reward programs and such.

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