How to Board and Deboard a Plane

During the last few months flying has become a tad-bit more stressful, mostly while flying in the main cabin (coach). You know what really grinds my gears? When folks stand up and block the boarding line onto a plane simply because they want to be the first on board. News flash to those people:  There is a system of order in place! A system that passengers should abide by and it goes a little something like this…

  1. Passengers needing extra time
  2. Business & First class passengers
  3. Elite status members
  4. Credit card holders w/ priority boarding
  5. General boarding groups

If your group has not been called, it is common courtesy to just step aside (clear the line) and let the group being called board hassle free. Everyone wants to board, stow their carry-on and take their seat, we get that, we all do but in order to make boarding as smooth and painless as possible we need to follow the boarding procedure.

The next stressful part of flying is deboarding a plane. This is probably the worst one because everyone wants to get to their destination and are tired of being on a plane. My biggest pet-peeve is when people who are rows behind you run to the front or try to skip you in line by either pushing you aside or blocking you from exiting your seat. Nowadays connecting flights are more common than ever before so most people switch planes at popular hubs like Atlanta (ATL), Dallas (DFW), or Chicago (ORD), while it is important to make that connecting flight keep in mind that those either ahead or behind you are in the same situation you are in. To avoid frustration, or even a fight, patiently wait for your turn to exit your seats and deboard the plane.

In sum, please be mindful of the boarding and deboarding procedures. Flying shouldn’t be any more stressful than it turns out to be. Things would run smoother if passengers followed instructions instead of attempting to break the boarding/deboarding cycle.

How do you feel about boarding & deboarding a plane? Share your stories in the comments section!

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