Win 2 United Club One-Time Passes

In honor of Fly2Travel joining the BoardingArea/Prior2Boarding family, every day this week we will be hosting competitions to give out random prizes that I am sure you will all love. With the exception of today’s competition, all other competitions will be announced in one of our daily posts. So yes, unfortunately you’ll be forced to read my horrible writing this week in order to participate! Sorry!

I promise that the requirements to participate in the giveaways/competitions will be fairly easy and reasonable. It won’t be anything out of the ordinary in terms of types of competitions held by other bloggers in the past.

Day 1 (July 28, 2014):

To participate in this competition and enter for a chance to win 2 United Club One-Time Passes all you have to do is follow us on Twitter! OrLike us on Facebook!

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Entry Deadline: 2:00pm EDT on July 29, 2014.

Easy, I know. We will randomly select one of the new followers/fans (using a randomization tool) and announce the winner during one of our posts tomorrow.

You will be given one entry for each platform you follow/like us on. For instance, if you only follow us on Twitter you will only get one entry, but, if you follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook you will be entered twice to win. You must be a follower at the time that we announce the winner in order to claim your prize.

United Club One-Time Pass:

  • Cost: $50 USD each.
  • This pass will allow one person one-time access to any United Club location.
  • Click here to view the amenities offered at the clubs.

Click here to learn more about Fly2Travel.

We hope you enjoy reading the content on our site and hope to see you back soon. All feedback is appreciated, please let us know how we are doing by either commenting below or using the contact us form.

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  1. Unlike Delta or AA, United’s one-time passes are good for just that: one-time access. Unfortunately, cannot use them at the start of an itinerary and later that day during a layover; to do so would require two one-time passes.

    1. Yes, this is true! And due to the error on my part and not remembering the difference I will be giving two passes to the winner. Thanks, John.

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