American to reduce legroom in economy

American to reduce legroom in economy

American to reduce legroom in economy

American Airlines has announced plans to add more seats on its new Boeing 737 Max Jetliners.

In order for American to do that, it will shrink the distance between seats, AKA pitch, by two inches. Currently, the seat pitch on American’s 737 economy seats is 31 inches but will decrease to 29 inches on the last three rows of the aircraft. The other seats pitch will be reduced to 30-inches.

In comparison, Spirit and Frontier have a seat pitch of 28-inches, which is the industry minimum.

Passengers will still pay regular economy fares for the 18 seats with 29-inches of legroom.  Furthermore, these seats won’t be part of basic economy either. An American spokesman said the airline will add 40 Max B737’S to its fleet by the end of 2019. American also said it is considering making similar changes to its existing fleet of 737-800s.

Just another way American is becoming the Spirit of legacy carriers. Going for great? Err…not so much. If you thought passengers were grouchy because they didn’t have enough legroom, you haven’t seen anything yet.

The airline industry is clearly just focused on the bottomline, which means, more seats, more money, less comfort.

Source: ABC 31 News

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