AT&T Tries to Compete with its International Day Pass, Sort Of


Courtesy: AT&T

AT&T Tries to Compete with its International Day Pass, Sort Of

Beginning Friday, AT&T is offering customers the ability to buy an international day pass, according to a press release from the company.

The AT&T International Day Pass you get unlimited talk and text, as well as data, in over 100 countries.  The list of countries where the plan be used is below.  You get this for $10 a day per device, so you only pay for the days you actually use the device.

There is some fine print which states that if voice, text, or data usage surpasses 50% of total usage for two consecutive months, the International Day Pass feature may be removed.


Courtesy: AT&T

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Add to each device one time and it’s available whenever you travel within the 100+ countries unless you remove the feature.
  • Use in our most popular destinations in Europe, Asia and the Caribbean – like the U.K., France, Italy, China, India, Jamaica and the Bahamas – as well as all of Central and South America.
  • Access your plan data and get unlimited calls within International Day Pass countries and back to the U.S., as well as unlimited texts to the world at no additional charge.

I think it’s great (as a former AT&T customer who switched to T-Mobile) that the company is starting to take a harder look at the services it offers for international, but I can’t help but think it’s too little for the cost of an AT&T plan.  AT&T is pretty pricey, and I took a huge cost reduction by switching to T-Mobile, which largely I have had no problems with service-wise since switching.  That being said, the AT&T plan does offer calling, but using the phone while abroad is barely even necessary to connect with other people (i.e. friends, families, or co-workers) with all of the VOIP apps that are out there.  In other words, I can save money to have T-Mobile and when I’m abroad pay nothing extra, and essentially get the same service that AT&T is offering for $10 a day.

I think this demonstrates AT&T is feeling the heat by great plans like T-Mobile that offer versatility in international calling, but I still think they have a ways to go before they are actually competitive, if the International Day Pass is their response to feeling the heat.

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