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Air Traffic Controller Strikes in Europe – Cancellations & Delays

Though Air Traffic Controller (ATC) strike threats are quite common throughout Europe, the ATC union in France, SNCTA, is calling for a possible strike on March 18, 2014. The union has announced they will potentially affirm “Industrial Action” come March 18th if a deal isn’t brokered. Negotiations are currently underway and expected to continue throughout the entire weekend, it is common that most of these disputes are resolved a few hours before the proposed deadline. If a deal is not brokered, expect massive delays and cancellations of up to 30% of flights to, from and within Europe.

Italy is also planning its own ‘Industrial Action’ for March 30th as well, again, this is common in Europe as you can see.

If you have travel plans to (or from) Europe this upcoming week or around March 30th, keep an eye out for any strikes and changes that may take place due to Industrial Action strikes in France and Italy.

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