CHEAP FARE: Japan to U.S. Cities for $260

Cheap Fare

CHEAP FARE: Japan to U.S. Cities for $260

There are  a series of cheap fares from Japanese cities to U.S. cities, starting at $260.  The fares are available for various dates from January-May 2017, with flights originating from Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka.  The U.S. cities included as the arrival city are Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, and Detroit.

Some of the flights are on American Airlines, but others are on Japan Airlines.  We found various flights available for that price on Google Flights.  As of 1:13pm, a lot of these flights are still available at that price.  Flights from Hong Kong have increased to around $500.

This may be a mistake fare, so if it is, take caution in knowing that there is a possibility the airline(s) will cancel the flight.

Thanks to Secret Flying for the alert.

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