On-Time Report Shows Major U.S. Carriers Lagging, Hawaiian Leading

On-Time Report

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On-Time Report Shows Major U.S. Carriers Lagging, Hawaiian Leading

The 2016 Punctuality Report was released this afternoon.  The report ranks airlines worldwide by their on-time status.  The report is broken into different categories, but troubling for American Airlines is the North American rankings.

According to the report, American had the least on-time rating of the big-three American carriers, with Delta coming in third place with an 84.29% on time rating, United at 80.01% rating, and American in 8th out of 10 with a 78.44% rating.  Alaska Airlines took second place in North America, with Hawaiian Airlines leading, with an 89.87% on-time rating.

Hawaiian also took first place globally, with Copa, KLM, Qantas, and Japan Airlines rounding out the top five global on-time ratings.  Delta is the only one of the big-three carriers in the U.S. to make it into the top 20 global ratings.  Alaska Airlines also made the global list, ranked seventh.

The report also ranked the on-time performance of airports, by size.  No small airports (2.5-5 million departing seats per annum) in the U.S. made the top 20 for on-time performance.

In the medium airport category (5-10 million departing seats per annum), no airport in the U.S. made the top 10.  However, San Antonio ranked 15th, Kansas City ranked 16th, and San Jose ranked 20th.

U.S. airports in the large category (10-20 million departing seats per annum) performed a little better than in the other categories.  Honolulu ranked 2nd just in front of Salt Lake City in 3rd and Portland in 7th.  San Diego ranked 13th, Tampa 15th, Baltimore-Washington 18th, and Chicago Midway 19th.

In the major category, two of Delta’s major hubs, Detroit and Atlanta ranked 3rd and 4th, respectively.  American’s hubs in Charlotte and Dallas/Fort Worth came in at 11th and 17th, respectively.

The ranking are helpful to gauge where airlines stand, although it’s quite disappointing to see the on-time rating for the major U.S. carriers, who are mostly failing to hit the mark.  As someone who flies American, I can speak to the fact that delays have become a rather common occurrence.

Anymore, it seems that the flight leaves late, lands late, or both.  There is definitely a lot of room for improvement!

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