Delta Adds International WiFi To B747-400 Aircraft – Entire Fleet Soon

Yesterday, Delta Airlines began introducing international WiFi aboard two of their 15 Boeing 747 planes, the signal will be provided via a Ku-band satellite signal.  The two planes equipped with the international WiFi fly to Tokyo from Los Angeles, CA and from Atlanta, GA. All of the B747’s will have international WiFi by the end of 2014.

WiFi packages will have an introductory rate of $14 for a one hour laptop pass or $8 for a one hour mobile pass and $24.95 for a flight pass for laptop users and $14.95 for the flight mobile pass. Delta plans to install international WiFi to its entire international fleet of B777, B767, B757 and A330 by the end of 2015.

Currently, most carriers only offer WiFi on domestic flights, not international flights. The International WiFi will come in handy during long flights lasting more than eight hours – it will definitely keep you occupied when you are not sleeping or using the in-flight entertainment system.


Courtesy of Delta Airlines

Courtesy of Delta Airlines

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