Donate to local charities, not the American Red Cross

Donate to local charities, not the American Red Cross

As you may or may not know, the American Red Cross spent one-quarter of the money donors gave for earthquake relief in Haiti in 2010 on internal expenses. What is even more disturbing, is that the organization has not publicly announced how much of every dollar donated will actually benefit the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Now, don’t get me wrong – the American Red Cross is on the ground and allegedly, they have spent over $50 million in shelters and other resources for victims of the storm. That being said, your money would most likely be better spent by other local charities who do not have unusually high administrative costs.

Hopefully, airlines giving you 10 miles per $1 donated will not deter you from maximizing your donation.

Suggested organizations to donate to (yes, some are not local but have lower admin. costs than the ARC):

Source : NPR & U.S. Senate Report

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