Meet The First Woman To Travel To Every Country In The World

First Woman To Travel To Every Country

Meet The First Woman To Travel To Every Country In The World

We love traveling, it’s a tremendous feeling to experience a new place and meet people along the way.  The more traveling I do, the more I walk away with an appreciation for the opportunities we have in this country.  Well, for Cassie De Pecol, she has raised that to an even higher level, having traveled to every sovereign country in the world.  The most significant part?  She is the first woman to do it!  She traveled to 196 countries in 18 months and 26 days.

This is a pretty incredible and must have been amazing to travel to so many different places around the world.  She talks about traveling in Afghanistan, Syria, and North Korea, places many people have never seen and will never see in their life!  Cassie says she wants to inspire women around the world that it is safe and okay to travel solo as a woman.

What does such a a feat cost?  Well, Cassie says when she began planning the journey, she budgeted $198,000.  She does not detail how close she came within that budget, but it seems like she also got some funding from outside groups, which she mentions in the video.  Regardless, she’s had the chance of a lifetime and I know it’s something I’d love the opportunity to do!

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