Alitalia Staff Set To Strike Over Bathroom Cleaning Duties

Alitalia Staff Set To Strike

Alitalia Staff Set To Strike Over Bathroom Cleaning Duties

We see airlines strikes all around the world throughout the year, but Alitalia is facing backlash from its employees after recent negotiations failed.  Part of the reason staff of the airline are threatening to strike is because they disagree with a new cost-cutting measure that would have onboard staff tidy up the airplane bathrooms on long-haul flights.  This is interesting because I’ve noticed on many airlines that the flight attendants periodically go into the bathrooms and clean the sink, refill toiletries, etc.  I suppose that isn’t the standard for Alitalia, hence their anger (although they are also upset over salary and benefits).

According to Daily Mail,

Staff at Italian airline Alitalia are set to strike on February 23 after a series of negotiations broke down over widespread cost-saving measures.

Union sources reported that cabin crew and ground personnel have objected to salary cuts, changes in shift patterns and demands for teams to tidy aircraft bathrooms on long-haul flights.

The measures are part of an initiative to ensure the loss-making airline provides a more productive turnaround.

At the talks in Rome, representatives from the airline stressed the importance of achieving savings from labour costs, according to Italian daily newspaper La Republicca.

For ground staff the airline wants to adjust working hours and for cabin crew to cut their summer holidays and reduce annual leave.

To make the airline more productive a proposal has been put forward for air hostesses and stewards to tidy up the cabin’s toilets, stocking up soap, toilet paper and paper towels in the cubicles.

These duties would take place on long-haul flights.

Now its clear the staff is objecting to other problems with the airline as well, but I don’t think it’s asking too much for the flight attendants to refill a soap dispenser on a long-haul flight.  Is the expectation that the passenger should do it instead?  I’ve worked in a lot of different jobs and sometimes there is a part of the job you don’t enjoy, but if you don’t do it who else will?  Maybe the staff can give in to the airline on this small measure that really isn’t that big of a deal and have the airline give in on something that matters a little more?  As I said above, I’ve seen flight attendants do this on long-haul flights on a number of airlines, so perhaps I’m just shocked the crews on Alitalia don’t already do that.
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