$10 to Ireland from the U.S. on Ryanair? Yup, soon enough!

The Chief Executive Officer of Ryanair, Michael O’Leary (can your name get any more Irish than that?) said that he wants to get flights from the United States to Ireland and maybe even the rest of Europe starting at $10! Mr. O’Leary said that the only thing holding Ryanair back from doing so is the fact that most of their long-haul planes are in use in Arab states where the demands have soared.

Speaking at the Irish Hotels Federation in Meth, Mr. O’Leary applauded the Irish government for scrapping the travel tax to Ireland and said he hopes to soon exploit the United States market. O’Leary also asked the Irish government to privatize the airports in Ireland like much of Europe has done in order to make them more efficient.

Please note, the starting price will be $10 for some seats but other seats and later fares will be more expensive, but if you grab one of those $10 seats then you are a lucky traveler! The whole thing will take some time but it is good to know that budget travelers will soon have another economic option for European travel plans.

Ryanair is a budget airline just like Spirit, Ryanair has come under fire multiple times due to their fees and irregular flight schedule and lack of adequate customer service. Would you ignore their horrible service for a $10 flight to Ireland or Europe? As a student I think I will!


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