13 United Airlines employees fired for refusing to fly

According to the NY Daily News, 13 united Airlines employees were fired for refusing to fly last July on a plane with a somewhat threatening message.

On July 14, 2014, a United Airlines plane had the words “BYE BYE” written on its tail with devilish looking faces next to the words (image found below). Thirteen flight attendants wanted the plane emptied and all 300 passengers and crew members to be screened again, as well as the plane itself.

However, that request was denied. The flight attendants then refused to service the flight due to fear of harm from the graphic on the planes tail.

Since the 13 flight attendants did not do their job, as requested, they were fired for insubordination.

The flight was scheduled to travel from San Fracisco (SFO) to Hong Kong (HKG).

The flight attendants filed a federal complaint against United and seek to be reinstated with back pay as well as other compensatory damages. United spokeswoman Christen David says that United stands by its decision after United pilots, mechanics, and security personnel deemed the plane safe for flight.

Would you have flown aboard this flight knowing the message it carried?

13 United Airlines employees fired for refusing to fly

Courtesy: NY Daily News and Katz, Marshall & Banks


Source: NY Daily News

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