AA Promotes Exec. Who Ignored Flight Attendants’ Uniform Complaints

AA Promotes

Courtesy: American Airlines

AA Promotes Exec. Who Ignored Flight Attendants’ Uniform Complaints

Apparently, when you ignore over 2,000 of your employees’ complaints about new uniforms causing health problems and fail to take any action to handle it, American Airlines promotes you to head the airline’s product and service delivery.  That’s right, the same guy who has turned a blind eye to the flight attendants as they suffer from reactions to the airline’s new uniforms, will now be in charge of overseeing the airline’s service delivery.  In other words, Hector Adler will be responsible for ensuring the customer experience.

This is according to the Chicago Business Journal, who obtained a memo from the airline that outlined Adler’s promotion to senior vice president of product and service delivery.  According to the memo, Adler will still be in charge of “uniform gate,” despite his list of added responsibilities.    The memo also says that Adler intends to retire in 2018.

If you are unfamiliar with “uniform gate,” you can read our initial story when we reported on the controversy couple of weeks ago.  The story again came up this week after Adler failed to demonstrate that he’s worn the uniform, which he promised employees he would do in an attempt to show them they were safe.

Bottom line: a guy that won’t even listen to serious concerns from his own employees is now responsible for listening to the concerns of millions of customers for an airline that already demonstrates an inability to serve anyone but itself.


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