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Aeroflot Grounds 400 “Old, Fat, And Ugly” Flight Attendants

Aeroflot Grounds 400 "Old, Fat, And Ugly" Flight Attendants
By Arcturus – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=369049

Aeroflot Grounds 400 “Old, Fat, And Ugly” Flight Attendants

Last year we mentioned the heavy criticism Delta’s flight attendants took when many passengers described them as, “Fat, worn out, old.”  Well, Aeroflot is taking a little heat for supposedly grounding 400 flight attendants because they are “old, fat, and ugly,” in an effort to move older and uglier flight attendants to domestic routes, saving international routes for younger and better looking flight attendants.  According to one flight attendant, she claims the airline told he that “only the young and thin” get to fly abroad.

Of course, international routes are coveted by the flight attendants because the airline has a higher rate of pay for attendants on that route.  Additionally, they get to travel to the world’s hotter spots, as opposed to some of the less glamorous routes that exist on their domestic flights.

According to the Toronto Sun:

“We were all photographed en masse and measured — some were even weighed,” Magurina said. “This was done under the pretext of company rebranding and ordering new uniforms for staff.”

Another added that the women were even being “weighed like cows.” Now they’ve taken their fight straight to the Kremlin and President Vladimir Putin.

But Aeroflot is denying the charges saying only babes get the first-class treatment.

“These allegations are without foundation – Aeroflot does not discriminate based on age, sex, weight, appearance, religious or political convictions, or indeed any other grounds,” the company said in a release.

But Magurina disagreed.

“They stopped putting anyone on international flights if they are older than 40 or take more than a (Russian) size 48 (UK – 16),” she said.

Aeroflot is that national carrier for Russia, with the Russian government owning 51% of the company.  Additionally, it is one of the oldest airlines in the world, dating back to 1923.

Bottom line: if this is true it is absolutely terrible and disgraceful.  There is little else to say on the subject than that!

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