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Last Wednesday I booked a flight to Miami from Washington, D.C., the flight left about 2.5 hours after I booked it. I had to fly down immediately due to a family emergency. I rushed home and packed and then headed to the airport. I was a nervous wreck, as most of us can relate to – family emergencies are no joke.

During the flight I used my laptop and my iPad to get some studying done and try to calm my nerves. When I finished with my iPad I placed it in the right hand side of my seat, I was sitting in first class and there is a pouch to the right of my seat. I deboarded the plane and rushed to baggage claim to get my luggage (I know, I didn’t follow the advise from the video I posted a few days ago). American Airlines’ priority baggage failed, again. After getting my bag I noticed I had a missed call and a voicemail, it was the gate agent telling me that I had left my iPad on the plane and to go back to claim it. By then I had already left the secure area of the airport and had my ride waiting for me.

What did I do you ask? I decided to just leave the iPad because I had more important things worry about. I called the AA Platinum desk and they told me it should be at the AA lost & found department within the next day or two, the phone representative gave me the phone number and email address for the lost & found office at Miami International Airport. The next day at 3pm AA lost & found emailed me telling me that they had my iPad and to claim it before April 16th. I was relieved by the news!

Dear Valued Customer,

Please be advised that we have in our possession an item that may belong to you.  Please contact us at your earliest convenience to confirm ownership and make necessary arrangements for delivery or pick up. Please be advised that your item will be held only until:  APRIL- 16-2014 in accordance with AA procedures. After this date the item will be sent for salvage.

Please make sure to use reference number    XXXXXXX

Thank you
Lost and Found
Miami International Airport
6am-10pm EST


I picked up my iPad on Sunday when I was headed back to Washington, D.C. – I just had to provide them with the reference number and my photo ID to claim the iPad. I am very appreciative of the flight attendant who found the iPad and the gate agent who turned it into the lost & found, and of course to American Airlines for having such an efficient department. While I was at the lost & found I noticed a bunch of iPads, it was comforting to know I was not alone.

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