American Airlines Plane Collides With Deer During Takeoff

American Airlines Plane Collides With Deer

Courtesy: Charlotte Observer

American Airlines Plane Collides With Deer During Takeoff

We know all too well the impact that a bird strike can have on a flight, but today an American Airlines plane hit a deer on the runway as it was taking off in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The flight then made an emergency landing after it took off and turned back around to the airport.

According to the Charlotte Observer:

The American Eagle plane was headed to Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport, in Mississippi, with 44 passengers and four crew members aboard, American spokeswoman Katie Cody said.

The CRJ-700 struck the deer during its takeoff roll. The flight crew declared an emergency and then did a flyover so personnel on the ground could inspect it for damage prior to attempting a landing.

“We had a loud bang, we’re coming back,” someone who appears to be a pilot tells an air traffic controller, in a recording from the Charlotte Douglas control tower.

“OK, we think you hit – somebody that was passing said it was a deer,” the air traffic worker replies, then gives the plane directions to return.

“Say that again? I’ve got a bunch, a bunch of adrenaline here,” the crew member replies.

A few minutes later, the crew got the damage assessment from the ground.

“5320, you are showing you’re trailing some kind of vapor or something off the right wing,” an air traffic worker can be heard telling the flight crew.

“We copy and we understand,” the flight crew replies a moment later.

Thankfully, the plane made a safe landing and everybody on board was left uninjured.  The flight had 44 passengers and 4 crew members on board.  Airport authorities have said they are going to investigate how the animal got inside the airport.  The airport is surrounded by miles of barbed wire fence and other mechanisms to keep wildlife out.  Glad to see the great crew was able to land the plane safely and keep everybody on board safe!
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