American is now displaying ‘Limited Time Offers’ at booking

Earlier today I was looking at flights to Miami on American Airlines (for a friend) for this upcoming weekend… and I ran into this:

Limited Time Offers

Apparently American is now advertising its lowest available fares at booking with a ‘$’ in a green circle. Who knows what this could entail moving forward with the new US Airways (D/B/A American Airlines)… Have you witnessed this as well? What are your thoughts?

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4 Comments on American is now displaying ‘Limited Time Offers’ at booking

  1. What about this entails a “limited time offer” as the title of the post suggests? It seems that they are just helping you find the lowest fare option.

    • Limited time offer is what AA is calling it, which is why the post references that title. However, people are just making assumptions at the moment as to what this will mean moving forward…

  2. Interesting – where does it say on these are limited time offers? I just did a couple dummy bookings and the icons don’t show up for me and your screenshot doesn’t seem to mention “limited time offer”. Thanks!

    • When the green dots show up hover over them! I couldn’t get the screenshot of the “limited time offer” because the mouse has to move to get a screenie.

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