American’s first class meals in exception markets (Lunch or no?)

I know I have written extensively about first class meals on American Airlines since American first announced modifications to their first class meal service, which took effect on September 1, 2014. But lets be honest… it’s better than reading about the Cadillac offer that my fellow bloggers keep writing about everyday.

Earlier this month I wrote about how American backtracked a little and added exception markets and promised to provide better quality snacks for flights under 2 hours and 30 minutes. Additionally, flights over 2 hours will once again receive warm nuts.

However, it looks like some flights during the afternoon hours will retain ‘refreshments’ instead of getting lunch back. Below you will see three flights between DCA and MIA on the same day. These flights are during breakfast, lunch and dinner times. There is also only a three minute difference in travel time between the dinner flight and the lunch flight.

There is a 12:50pm flight from DCA to MIA and that flight has ‘lunch’ provided. However, the 2:50pm flight only provides refreshments. So is this a mistake? Or is it because 2:50pm is not during the usual ‘lunch hour.’

Have any of you flown first class aboard AA 1312 at 2:50pm after October 16th?  Did you get lunch or a snack basket?

Dinner is offered.

Dinner is offered. (Nov 7th flight, DCA-MIA)

Lunch is not offered, only refreshments.

Lunch is not offered, only refreshments. (Nov 7th flight, DCA-MIA)


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