And the Best Passport in the World for Traveling is…

Best Passport in the World

Courtesy: Tony Webster

And the Best Passport in the World for Traveling is…

Japan!  That’s according to the Henley Passport Index 2018, which ranks passports from countries around the world to determine which one is the best passport in the world for traveling.  The ranking is based on the number of countries the person can travel to visa free.  The top five rankings and the number of countries a passport holder can travel to without a visa (and a visa upon arrival:

  1. Japan – 190 countries
  2. Singapore – 189 countries
  3. Germany, France, and South Korea – 188
  4. Denmark, Finland, Italy, Spain, and Sweden – 187
  5. Norway, United Kingdom, Austria, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, and United States – 186

The bottom five passports and the number of countries those passport holders can travel to visa free:

  1. Sudan, Eritrea, Palestinian Authority – 39
  2. Yemen – 37
  3. Pakistan – 33
  4. Somalia and Syria – 32
  5. Iraq and Afghanistan – 30

In order to travel the world completely visa free, one would have to hold 14 different passports.  This is a slight change in the rankings that the passport index put out in 2017.

Of course, as travel bloggers, we love the opportunity to travel.  It’s always nice to have access to as many countries as we possibly can without going through the sometimes annoying process of obtaining a visa.  Hopefully, the more time goes on the more possible it is for citizens to travel the world with fewer restrictions.

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