Comedian Claims She Found “Literal Piece Of S***” On Delta Air Lines Blanket

Delta Air Lines Blanket

By David Mueller – Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5,

Comedian Claims She Found “Literal Piece Of S***” On Delta Air Lines Blanket

If this is true, it’s pretty darn nasty, but comedian Nicole Byer tweeted to Delta Airlines yesterday that she found poop on the blanket that was provided to her by the airline on a flight yesterday.  Delta Air Lines is now investigating the incident and is looking into whether or not the story is true.  The incident took place on Delta flight 5321 from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Atlanta, Georgia.

Here’s the onslaught of tweets the comedian sent to the airline:

Then Delta Air Lines replied to Ms. Byer’s tweets, with the usual response of an airline social media team, essentially a non-response to the issue at-hand.

I guess you could say that Ms. Byer found the response rather Sh**** (pun totally intended):

So what has Delta Air Lines done to handle the situation? Well, according to the most recent tweets by the comedian, she is still awaiting a response. News media says they are investigating the matter.

Bottom line: I’ve always been pretty grossed out by the free airline blankets because a number of times I have found other people’s hair or other stains on them.  That being said, I’ve never come across something nearly as gross as a piece of crap (that I know of).  It is rather gross that these blankets are recycled, but even worse if an employee completely disregarded a piece of poop on a blanket and put it back in a bag for the next passenger to use.

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