Delta Sued After Two Women Reported Mentor Masturbating in JFK Office

Delta Sued

Delta Sued After Two Women Reported Mentor Masturbating in JFK Office

Two employees have been fired after a civil suit against Delta Airlines seeking $20 million in damages.  The lawsuit, which was filed on Thursday, stems from allegations that one of the employees was openly masturbating in the JFK cargo office in view of other employees.  The two women who filed the suit claim they were fired after their reported the alleged misconduct.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution,

Plaintiffs Lauren Heffernan, a former Delta employee, and Kayla Jenkins, who worked for a Delta contractor, were both cargo agents at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Heffernan and Jenkins allege Delta allowed sexual harassment in their workplace and that their terminations were retaliation for efforts to have it stopped.

Delta says they were legitimately terminated “for reasons completely unrelated to any allegations of misconduct by others.”

A Delta spokeswoman said Thursday that two other employees were fired after an investigation into the women’s complaints. But she would not say whether they included the man who allegedly masturbated in the office.

Jenkins in the suit alleges that she saw a male employee in February 2016, “sitting at his desk, with his penis out.”

The Daily Mail reports that the employee that was fired as a mentor to both the women, but shortly after starting, began masturbating in the office, while looking at them.  When the two women reported the activity, they said the airline did not want to take action because the employee would lose his job.  Both women were later fired for reasons that Delta claims are “unrelated.”

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