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Delta Will Give Passengers Complimentary Kits With Face Masks And Hand Sanitizer

Delta Will Give Passengers Complimentary Kits
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Delta Will Give Complimentary Kits With Face Masks And Hand Sanitizer

Over the past few weeks, many airlines have moved to a policy that requires passengers to wear face coverings. Some airlines announced they’d provide face masks, while others require passengers to bring them.Last week, reports surfaced saying airlines were unlikely to enforce the policy on their airplanes.  However, most U.S. airlines said they still may deny boarding to passengers who don’t comply with the policy.  In early April, Delta announced its own face mask requirement.  Delta announced on Friday that it will give passengers complimentary kits that include “travel safety essentials”.

The complimentary kits will be available by request at ticket counters and gates beginning June 5.  The kits will include:

  • A disposable face mask;
  • Purell hand sanitizer gel packets; and
  • An information card detailing measures in place the company is using to clean their aircraft.
Delta Will Give Complimentary Kits
Photo: Delta Air Lines

In a press release, Chief Customer Experience Officer Bill Lentsch said:

​Our survey data showed a clear desire for these kits and we have a bias toward action when we see new trends emerge.  As more people begin to consider traveling in the months ahead, ensuring their safety at all steps of their journey remains our top priority.

Of course, this will do nothing to encourage those who think face masks are a violation of their civil rights to actually wear the mask.  But I think it’s a nice gesture by the airline to offer passengers the complimentary kit.  In addition, it’s a way to positively encourage people to (hopefully) abide by the policy and wear a mask.  Masks are said to prevent the spread of the virus if you are infected.

Bottom Line

Beginning June 5, Delta will give passengers complimentary kits by request that include a face mask and hand sanitizer packets.  Delta made the announcement a couple of weeks after it implemented its face mask requirement.  Overall, I think this is a really nice thing to do.  I also think it’s a good way to give people hand sanitizer and hope that they use it.

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