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Drunk Newlyweds Buy Entire Hotel

Drunk Newlyweds Buy Entire Hotel
Courtesy: TheStalking302 on Wikimedia Commons

Drunk Newlyweds Buy Entire Hotel

Ever dreamed of owning a hotel?  Well, one couple actually bought a hotel in Sri Lanka while drunk and on their honeymoon.  The British couple, Gina Lyons and Mark Lee, bought the hotel after making nice with the employees at the hotel.

According to Daily Mirror:

During their trip, the London-based couple checked into a rustic hotel on the beach and immediately hit it off with some of the staff members there.

On their first night, they took to the beach with several bottles of rum and drank with one of the hotel’s bartenders, where they were told the current lease on the hotel was almost up

Twelve glasses later, the couple decided to take it on for three years at a cost of £30,000, despite living in a “tiny flat” near Croydon in south London and still paying off their wedding.

As of July 1 this year, producer Gina and Mark, a sales director, officially own the hotel they drunkenly agreed to buy and have renamed it ‘Lucky Beach Tangalle’.

Gina said: “When we walked into the hotel we saw a group of old Sri Lankan men who were still drunk from the night before, so we started drinking with them.

The couple owns the hotel a year later, and they are doing what they can to make the hotel their own.  The couple met some financial troubles, but they are still moving full speed ahead and have been actually making good business and making money off of the venture.  This is despite the fact that they had originally had doubts about their decision once they had done it.  Though, they say any future decisions on the business will be made while sober, which is probably a good thing.

So the bottom line:  be careful of your decisions when you’re drunk.  I’ll be sure on my honeymoon (coming up in November — YAY!) that I will not buy a hotel in Mexico — as tempting as it may sound if the price was right.


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