Drunk Passenger Exposes Himself and Puts Penis In Man’s Face

Drunk Passenger Exposes Himself

Courtesy: British Airways

Drunk Passenger Exposes Himself and Thrusts Penis In Man’s Face

Yesterday, we wrote about a couple who went and bought a hotel after they got drunk on their honeymoon.  Well, a man who had what seems to be a little bit too much to drink aboard a British Airways flight from New Orleans to London exposed himself on the aircraft and thrusted his privates in the face of another passenger.   The man, Hatam Hamad, 56, was reportedly flying with with his wife and children and had drank five glasses of wine when the incident occurred.  The man has been handed a six-week jail sentence for the action.

According to The Sun:

“This male had his penis out and exposed within three inches of my face.

“At this time I felt shocked and then attempted to stand up and shouted at the male, ‘what are you doing?’”

Mr Vilmenay confronted Hamad, who “responded by grunting” before exposing himself to another passenger.

The grandad-of-25 then slapped the executive in the chest “with some force” before cabin crew took him to the back of the plane.

He was met by cops when the plane landed at Heathrow and was taken to the police station for interview.

Rather bizarre story.  The man completely disputed that it happened and said that he usually doesn’t drink, but that he is a nervous flier.  Regardless, the fact that he did this with his family on board is even more bizarre.  The man was ordered to pay about $790 to the passenger he assaulted, as well as costs.

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  1. This is trash, and it brings the value of your site down

  2. David Marquette // October 14, 2018 at 2:44 pm //

    sounds like new supreme court justice Kavanaugh at a frat party!

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