GRAPHIC: Ouch! Family Suing Qantas After Toddler’s Pinky Cut Off By Inflight Entertainment System

Toddler's pinky cut off

Courtesy: Qantas

Family Suing Qantas After Toddler’s Pinky Cut Off By Inflight Entertainment System

A family is suing Qantas after their two-year-old son got their pinky partly taken off by a faulty inflight entertainment system on a Qantas flight.  The inflight entertainment system apparently kept going up and down by itself and when the child’s arm was on the armrest, the entertainment system came down on the pinky, cutting it.  Medical care was given to the toddler in flight, but the family is now suing for $200,000.  The family claims it has created a lifelong disability that will impact his future earnings.

Toddler's pinky cut off

Courtesy: Geelong Advertiser

According to the Geelong Advertiser:

Cameron Dela Cruz, 2, was left mutilated and distraught after the unit fell on his hand in the economy cabin of the A330 on January 14.

Medical assistance was provided during the flight from a doctor on board, but the family’s request for the plane to return to Manila so they could go to hospital was refused.

Cameron’s mother Natalie Dela Cruz said it had been a “very stressful, very traumatic” experience for her family.

“The entertainment unit kept falling down, and to entertain a two-year-old you have to try to keep that TV up,” said Mrs Dela Cruz.

“His hand was on the armrest, and when the unit fell down it cut his finger quite deeply.”

On the surface, it sounds like this might actually be a legitimate lawsuit.  The family isn’t suing for an absurd amount of money and it does seem that the inflight entertainment system was faulty.  I wouldn’t expect that an entertainment system coming down like that could do such damage!  Thankfully, the toddler seems to be okay, but it does seem reasonable that the family would get something out of the incident.


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