Man Suing Uber Claims The Company Tipped Off His Wife That He Was Ubering To His Mistress

Suing Uber

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Man Suing Uber Claims The Company Tipped Off His Wife That He Was Ubering To His Mistress

A little pro-tip, if you are going to cheat on your significant other, it’s probably best that you don’t use the Uber app on their phone to go visit your mistress.  A Frenchman is suing Uber over what he claims is a bug in the app that allowed his wife to see his rides, after he used his wife’s phone once to order an Uber ride.  Apparently, his wife became suspicious as she continued to receive notifications from the app when he was using Uber to travel to his mistress’ place.

BBC News reports:

The couple have since divorced. The lawsuit is reportedly worth up to €45m ($48m; £38m).

“My client was the victim of a bug in an application,” his lawyer David-André Darmon told AFP news agency after the case was lodged at a court in Grasse.

“The bug has caused him problems in his private life,” Mr Darmon added.

The lawyer did not comment on a report in Le Figaro newspaper that the lawsuit was worth up to €45m, saying only that his client wished to remain discreet and anonymous.

Other users had also encountered the Uber software bug, Le Figaro said.

BBC tried using the app on another person’s phone and found that even after they logged off on the one phone, when they ordered an Uber from the other phone, both phones received the notification.  It is apparently only a problem that existed with the iPhone, but a software fix in December is said to have fixed the bug.

Regardless, this guy is a dirtball.  You know what destroyed his marriage?  Himself, because let’s not forget the part where he was cheating on his wife and skipping out to go hang out with his mistress.  This guy can blame Uber all he wants.  Did the software have a bug?  Yes.  Is this guy still a dirtball?  Absolutely.  If you’re going to cheat, maybe don’t use the wife’s phone who you are cheating on.  Better yet, all of this can be avoided by not cheating at all!

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