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Iceland To Open Borders June 15 With COVID-19 Tests On Arrival

Iceland To Open Borders On June 15 And Will Let Tourists Ski Quarantine With A Test
Photo: Jonathan Tallman

Iceland To Open Borders June 15 With COVID-19 Tests On Arrival

Iceland is set to open its borders to all visitors on June 15.  Although the country has a two-week quarantine, tourists will have options to avoid the mandatory quarantine.  Visitors will have the option to take a coronavirus test at Keflavik International Airport or provide a a reliable certificate of a recently negative test.

On March 20, Iceland closed down its borders to visitors from outside the European Economic Area and European Free Trade Association.  Originally, Iceland planned on reopening its borders on May 15.  But it recently announced its intention to extend the the closure into June.

Current regulations stipulate that both tourists and residents of Iceland quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.  However, beginning June 15 both tourists and locals can enter from the outside the Schengen zone.  Test results will be available the same day, and a negative test will allow travelers to avoid quarantine.

There are still a number of open-ended questions for Iceland to figure out before the borders open.  The Prime Minister, Katrín Jakobsdóttir, said it is still unclear who will pay for the coronavirus tests.  The government is reportedly considering whether the Icelandic government or the traveler will pay for the test.

American citizens are still warned not to travel by the U.S. State Department.  Since March, the State Department has had a Level 4 – Do Not Travel warning for international travel.

Iceland and Tourism

The option is a nice way for tourists to avoid quarantining for two weeks.  However, it also makes sense that Iceland implement a more travel-friendly policy than other countries.  In 2017, tourism revenue accounted for 42% of Iceland’s economy.  The nation is largely reliant on people visiting, so a policy that lets people do that sooner and more reasonable makes perfect sense.

Bottom Line

Iceland is reopening its borders June 15 after closing in early March.  The country offers tourists a way to avoid a two-week quarantine through testing or health certificates.  More information will likely be forthcoming as the government of Iceland solidifies testing details.  Of course, U.S. citizens still are under a do not travel advisory from the State Department.

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