Inside Qantas’ Most Exclusive, 140 Member Airline Lounge

Qantas' Most Exclusive

Inside Qantas’ Most Exclusive, 140 Member Airline Lounge

So, Daily Mail took readers inside the Chairman’s Lounge, which is considered to be the most exclusive airline lounge in Australia with only 140 members, many of which are members of Parliament, CEOs, and academics.  You can see pictures in the club at the Daily Mail’s article.

How did the club get its name?  Well, the chairman of the airline signs off on each member, which may tell why there are so few!  Business Traveller also has some pretty extensive photographs of the club.

According to the article:

Each membership lasts for two years and invitations have nothing to do with frequent flyer points or status.

‘Membership is very sought after and it’s a great asset for Qantas to utilise for our commercial endeavours’ Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said.

Each lounge, at Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth airports, are hidden behind a door labelled ‘private’.

The lounges are different in each city with Melbourne’s being described as ‘funky,’ Brisbane as ‘aged’ and Perth’s ‘a smaller version of Sydney’s, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

It’s pretty incredible, but many of Australia’s frequent flyer elites, it’s a mystery as to how they too can be welcomed into the club.  It seems that the club is less for being in a quiet lounge left alone, but more for an opportunity with the nation’s elites (political, business, etc.) to connect with other elites.  The club is free, in comparison to Qantas club membership which costs $500.

Thoughts?  Has any of our readers happened to be one of the chosen few to see this club?


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