Interview with a Norwegian Air Shuttle flight attendant

Norwegian Air Shuttle flight attendant

Cal (L), Kateryna (C), and Nick (R).

Thank you Nick P. for taking time to answer some questions. Fly2Travel truly appreciates you taking time out of your busy schedule.

Nick is a flight attendant for Norwegian Air Shuttle, a low-cost carrier based out of Norway. In 2013, Norwegian Air transported over 20.7 million people. Norwegian Air currently has a fleet size of approximately 99 aircraft that fly to 126 destinations globally.

Adam: Once again, thank you for taking time to answer some questions.

Nick: Thank you Adam for the opportunity to share my experiences with you.

Adam: First question! When did you start working for Norwegian Air Shuttle?

Nick: I got hired in December last year and started training in February.

Adam: Since you’re relatively new, how many miles/km have you flown thus far?

Nick: Since I only fly long haul, so far I have flown around 250k.

Adam: Very neat! Why did you decide to become a flight attendant?

Nick: I always knew I wanted to be one…After my first job as a flight attendant I decided I would rather be on the ground. But, I later realized that I couldn’t stay away from airplanes for too long. So, after seeing the Norwegian job ad online I decided to apply.

Adam: What is your favorite part about being a flight attendant?

Nick: My favorite part is that I get to travel the world. I get to see new places, meet people from different cultures and make friends with them.

Adam: What’s the rudest or worst situation you have ever had to deal with as a flight attendant?

Nick: There are sometimes situations that I consider “different.” But, as long as I stay calmed, acted professionally, and follow my company’s procedures and regulations, there’s no such situation that I’d call the rudest or worst. Every situation has a potential positive outcome from which I can learn and pass along to my colleagues.

Adam: Good answer. How do you deal with those sorts of scenarios/situations?

Nick: By putting in practice all the knowledge that I have learned during my intensive training with Norwegian.

Adam: So, I’m sure you’ve heard of the allegations surrounding Norwegian Air’s market strategy. The AFL-CIO said that Norwegian Air plans to “Walmart the skies” what do you have to say about this?

Nick: We look forward to bringing new competitive and affordable fares on our new Boeing B787 Dreamliner aircraft to the U.S.-Europe market. Consumers are looking for low-fare, convenient, route-to-route options and see the cost of airfare as the single biggest factor in realizing their aspirations of seeing the world. Norwegian Air International is committed to helping Americans overcome this obstacle by providing them with rates that, aren’t just competitive, but strikingly under-cutting the existing industry standard fares.

Adam: Norwegian Air has previously sold one-way fares between Ft. Lauderdale (FLL) to London (LGW) for as low as $296, why do you think they can afford to make these flights so cheap?

Nick: Norwegian only operates long haul destinations on the brand new, state of the art, fuel efficient Boeing B787 Dreamliner. This aircraft consumes a significant less amount of fuel than other aircrafts operating long haul routes giving us the opportunity to offer low fares.

Adam: What would you say to those who are skeptical about flying Norwegian Air?

Nick: I invite them to come and try a complete new concept of traveling, a concept where everyone can afford to travel, where you “DON’T PAY FOR EVERYTHING, JUST PAY FOR WHAT YOU NEED”. Let’s say you want to travel from Fort Lauderdale (FLL) to London (LGW) but don’t feel like eating on board or just traveling light weighted, then you don’t pay for that food that you are not going to eat or that extra bag that you are not going to bring. This concept has been very well received by the market.

Adam: Do you think that you, as a flight attendant, are treated better, worse or equal to flight attendants that are unionized in the United States?

Nick: I can’t compare myself to any flight attendant in the U.S. because I have only worked for 2 major European carriers. I do feel that I am being treated very well by Norwegian.

Adam: Where do you see yourself within the company five years from now? Do you plan to stay with Norwegian Air for the long run?

Nick: I do love the company I work for, and yes, I do plan to stay with Norwegian Air for as long as they let me. Right now my position is Cabin Chief but my aspirations are to become a Cabin Instructor and help our new Cabin Crew Members to become great flight attendants.

Adam: Once again, thank you so much for your time, Nick. I appreciate you taking time out of your busy life to chat. Also, CONGRATULATIONS on your new promotion to Cabin Chief, I know it was recently [well] earned. Any parting words?

Nick: Tusen Takk Adam (Thank you in Norwegian). Hope to see you on board soon!

*Nick is not a spokesperson or representative speaking to us on behalf of Norwegian Air Shuttle. His opinions are his own and not that of his employer.*

There you have it folks! If you have any further questions for Nick, post them in the comments section and I will address them with him. I plan to give Norwegian Air Shuttle a try in the upcoming year, keep an eye out for my flight review!


Norwegian Air Shuttle – Boeing B787 (Dreamliner)

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