Introducing: The Winglet

The Winglet

Over the past couple of weeks you may have noticed that Fly2Travel had been promoting something called “The Winglet” and that Fly2Travel changed names to The Winglet on social media.

Additionally, you may have noticed that our posting activity has decreased, that’s because we were working hard on other things (both personal and travel related) and shifted our focus until the new brand was complete.

It is my pleasure to announce that Fly2Travel has officially been renamed to The Winglet. It’s essentially the same blog with the same bloggers, just a whole new name, logo, header, and a deeper focus on flying rather than just plain traveling.

Here are some things you can expect from the rebranding of the blog: (Effective: January 1, 2015)

  • More posts: We will aim for a minimum of 3 posts a day (Monday-Friday).
    • Especially more travel news!
  • More giveaways: Expect bi-weekly giveaways.
  • More reviews: We will be posting more hotel, flight, lounge, and rental car reviews.
  • More experience sharing: We will share more of our personal travel experiences with you, our beloved readers.
    • Trip reports, photos via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
    • City guides: What to do, where to eat, etc…
  • More engagement: Expect us to be more engaging via social media.
  • Helping you got the EXTRA mile: We will be helping our readers plan cheaper vacations (cash+miles/points) by posting hot travel deals via social media.

And much more!

So what exactly is a winglet?

Fair question. A winglet is something you have probably seen numerous times, especially if you’re a frequent flyer.

Winglets are wing tip extensions which reduce drag and provide some extra lift for planes. Winglets also allow planes to fly further while consuming less jet fuel — a saving of 4-6%!

Consider this, over a year a Winglet can save an airplane over 45,000 gallons of jet fuel!

Like our logo and header? Special thanks to Clay, who has designed amazing images in a short amount of time. Clay is available to make logos and similar graphics at an affordable cost. Feel free to email him at: Tell him Adam sent you. And no, I do not make a commission out of this.

The Winglet's logo.

The Winglet’s logo.

Airfares up by biggest amount in 15 years

A Delta Airlines plane with winglets.

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