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Do your kids have a frequent flyer account?

Do your kids have a frequent flyer account?
Courtesy: Singapore Air

Does your kid have a frequent flyer account?

If they don’t, you should probably open one.

A lot of folks travel with their kids, especially if you are a single parent. So what better way to maximize your travel experience than by making them a frequent flyer account?

Think about it, if you’re an AAdvantage Executive Platinum and you always travel with your kid, you have to buy 500-mile stickers to upgrade them if they aren’t EXP… but if you always travel with them then you save a hell of a lot of money. Additionally, you will have just as many miles to redeem on them if needs be.

For example, my parents don’t travel much… maybe twice a year. However, my 11 year old brother has an American Airlines AAdvantage account; he even has the American iPhone app! By the end of next year he will be able to redeem his miles for a domestic U.S. flight. Not bad for an 11 year old, right?

American Airlines allows you to easily create an account for a minor, same procedure as for an adult. Delta Airlines requires you to fill out a form if your child is under 13 years old and submit it via fax or email. United Airlines does not allow minors to own a frequent flyer account, while Alaska Airlines requires the parent to call 1-800-252-7522 to create a minor Mileage Plan account.

So if you fly American, Delta, or Alaska then it’s probably beneficial to create an account for your little one. United folks… sorry.

Have you already created an account for your kid? Or was this post helpful in knowing that you could open one for them!

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  1. Both my minor children have united accounts…and southwest, american, and British airways. Ages 5 and 8.

    I tend to book paid flights for myself and redeem miles for the kids whenever possible.

    1. That’s great! During my attempt on United they didn’t allow me to open one for my little brother. Maybe the policy changed for new accounts? Or did you have to go an alternate route to create one on United?

  2. Could you create a minor account with a United partner and then just use that account whenever the minor flies on United? At least they would get credit somewhere.

    That being said, my 9-year old daughter has a United account. We just applied and she got a card.

  3. i always had FF accounts for my kids as soon as possible. I didn’t realize that United didn’t allow accounts for minors; they must have had Continental accounts…it’s been a while back.

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