Less Lime On Flights

Apparently airlines are struggling to pay for limes that are used for cocktail drinks aboard flights. United Airlines said that they are flying with only 15-20% of its usual stock of limes and Alaska Airlines, which claims to serve 900 limes a day, has cut lime from their menu two weeks ago and replaced them with lemons. Both airlines say they are working diligently to bring limes back to full stock, however, the price of lime has skyrocketed in recent months.

Mexico supplies the United States with about 96% of all lime imports, and due to recent violent cartel conflict and bad weather that is plaguing the country, the price of lime has increased from $20 a box to $100 a box between January and April. The airlines and lime produces say the shortage and high prices will only be around for another two months or so.


Summarized from CNNMoney Article <– click to read original article.

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