Lyft Offering $299 Monthly Subscription Nationwide

Lyft Offering $299 Monthly Subscription

Courtesy: Lyft

Lyft Offering $299 Monthly Subscription Nationwide

Lyft and other ridesharing apps like Uber are doing whatever they can to try to win over customers and to get them to keep using their service.  Well, Lyft has announced that it will now be offering a monthly subscription service that will be available to riders across the United States.  Lyft has been experimenting with this idea in different cities around the country, but this announcement makes it available to everybody in the United States.

Plan Details

  • 30 days of 30 rides
  • $299 a month
  • Cancel anytime
  • $15 limit per ride (riders will pay any difference over $15)
  • 5% off any additional ride over 30 rides

This is an additional sign of Lyft’s commitment to get people to ditch their car and convert to ridesharing.  It is easy to see how Lyft is aiming to get people to be so committed to the ride-sharing app that they use Lyft for their daily commute.  In a blog post announcing the change, Lyft says, “When you spend less time driving (and parking), you have more freedom — and more savings. Americans who use the All-Access Plan for all of their personal car needs can save up to 59%* per month compared to owning a car.”  that’s a clear move to target people to leave the car at home and take Lyft instead, a concept Lyft has made well-known they are attempting to do.

In places like Washington, D.C., where I live, where public transportation has had a number of issues and reliability has been a standard issue, a monthly subscription service to ride-sharing may be considered a pretty good idea for those who have to commute on a regular basis.

How to Purchase

  1. Open your Lyft App
  2. Open the sidebar menu by tapping the icon in the top left
  3. Tap ‘Notifications’
  4. Tap ‘Learn More’ on the All-Access Plan notification card
  5. Review All-Access Plan details, then tap ‘Get the plan’
  6. Review payment method and plan terms, then select ‘Subscribe’

Let us know if you sign up!


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