Make Sure to Check Your Regal Crown Club Account to Avoid Losing Points


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Make Sure to Check Your Regal Crown Club Account to Avoid Losing Points

We’re quickly approaching January 1, 2019, which is an important date for many people with Regal Crown Club points.  If you are like me, you probably like to save your Regal Crown points up for a good amount.  But last year, Regal announced that points would now expire.  When they made the announcement, it meant that a year from that date any points earned before would expire in January.  Well, we’ll almost to that date.

You might want to log on to your account to check if you have any expiring points so that you don’t lose them.  If you log into your regal app, you will see the expiring amount right underneath your current total.  I have a good amount expiring in the month of January altogether.

Keep in mind that Regal increased their reward pricing this year as well.  A 2-D movie used to cost you 15,000 points.  However, it now costs you 18,000 points to get a free 2-D movie ticket.

If you’re worried you won’t be able to see enough movies to use all of your points, keep in mind that you can redeem the reward and still have 30 days to use it.  It might be worthwhile to redeem whatever reward you want before January 1, 2019 if you simple don’t have the time to watch enough movies.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a pretty disappointing aspect of Regal rewards.  I wish they would adopt a policy that would keep your points active as long as you keep earning.  I tend to not like to use my points often and rack them up, but their program doesn’t let you do that.  Regal should also offer the chance to cash in on a 3-D movie for a reward.  Overall, it’s nice to be able to earn points, but I think their program has devalued a little more than I’d like.

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