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(VIDEO) Racist Ryanair Passenger Goes on Tirade, Calls Seat Mate an “Ugly Black Bastard”

Racist Ryanair Passenger
Courtesy: Ryanair

(VIDEO) Racist Ryanair Passenger Goes on Tirade, Calls Seat Mate an “Ugly Black Bastard”

A passenger went on a racist tirade against an elderly black woman on a Ryanair flight, and the crew did virtually nothing against the man.  The man was refusing to sit next to the woman and kept telling her to get another seat.  The video has sparked outrage, and people are calling for a boycott against Ryanair.

The video was posted by passenger David Lawrence, a resident of the United Kingdom.  He filmed the video last Thursday on Ryanair flight 9015 from Barcelona to Stansted Airport in London.  The incident occurred before the plane left, but the crew did not kick the man off the flight.

In the video, the man yells because he doesn’t want to sit next to an elderly black woman.  A woman who is reportedly the elderly woman’s daughter pleads with the man to “give her a chance.”

A flight attendant approaches to attempt to diffuse the situation, and then asks the woman if she wants to sit somewhere else.  The woman refused (rightly so, I might add).  The man can then be heard calling the woman an “ugly black bastard” and told the woman, “Don’t talk to me in a foreign language, you stupid, ugly cow.”  The man threatens to move the woman to another seat himself if she doesn’t move.

Members of Parliament have taken to Twitter to challenge Ryanair on how they handled the racist tirade:

For some reason, the man was never asked to move, nor was he kicked off the flight.  This man was angry, and I think it would be perfectly reasonable for action to be taken.  This woman, rightfully, had a case of fearing for her personal safety on the flight.  This was incredibly mishandled by Ryanair.

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